Meet Ally, one of our directors.

From her family (especially her grandchildren), to her job, to the people she deals with, Her life is underlined with love. 

Ally street villagers_

Her exciting sport-focussed childhood gave Ally a love of rising to the challenge in every facet of her life. 

She hasn’t always been a real estate agent, but all her jobs have been people-oriented.  This is how Ally has developed empathy and understanding that enables her dedication to getting the best outcome for people in the most pleasant way possible. 

Ally gym

Ally also has great pride in her family history, and in being a Novocastrian. A childhood full of freedom and opportunities allowed her to explore and appreciate this city, this village. And now she helps this sense of belonging to become part of the lives of others. 

Ally street cafe locae

Ally’s philosophy says it all:

‘My philosophy in life, not only in Real Estate is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” –  always have a smile, always listen more than you speak, be genuine, tell it like it is, laugh a lot – life is great !!!!’

street cafe locale-3.jpg

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