Villager Property: But why Villager?

 pre pamp maybes_-8Why ‘villager’?  Newcastle is a city. 

And a villager is someone who lives in a village. 

Is this some sort of virtual village?

Let’s see. What is a village?

A small settlement. A collection of houses and infrastructure. 

Yes. But that is a simplistic answer. 

What else is a village?

The residents, the people of the village, are what a village is all about.

The village provides homes rather than houses for these residents. 

It also provides many of the needs of the villagers. 

carrington plant house_Shops to buy necessities; banks and businesses to provide financial services; medical services to provide health care; schools to provide education; sporting fields and clubs to enable physical development; churches for the spiritual needs of the villagers; roads, footpaths, carparks, etc, to facilitate interaction of all these activities; entertainment venues to allow an element of fun in village life. 

And there is the clue: interaction. 

It is the interaction between the villagers that makes a village. 

They develop work relationships, social networks, communication patterns. 

The village facilitates the interaction of villagers in many, many modes. 

This is community. 

A community builds a network of interactions that provide support and camaraderie for the villagers. 

So it is with Villager Property. The Villagers go beyond the basic traditional activities of real estate agents. 

They provide support for clients beyond the norm, and according to the individual needs of each client. 

They strive to build two-way understanding and trust between agent and client. 

All with a dash of fun. 

Earthly  centenial park_-4_0001

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