All are welcome here… Tighes Hill Charm

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A weathered sign rests in the sun.


All are welcome here.

Tracey tells me of how the sign once sat proudly attached to the front of her grandmothers home. Her grandmother would welcome her inside. A warm, loving welcome – and tell her that at Allunga, all are welcome here.

This inclusive and peaceful feeling is one that is carried out throughout this home, inside and out – and even spreading across the neighbourhood.

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The style that glows in this home is not contrived for the viewers benefit. Although it it styled – it is all completely organic and authentic.

A bedroom that is a nod to a grandmothers style and a little girls wish for a beautiful space, a reupholstered chair on which a great grandfather used to sit daily. And family shells, hanging creatively in macrame, remnants of childhoods spent playing on the NSW south coast.

A quiet reflection
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There is a tribute and a story behind every room, artwork and furniture piece.
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This home is a sanctuary.
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A place to remember.

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A place to love.
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And be Loved.

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The rear lane offers garage access, so as I headed around to photograph this I was amazed to see a laneway lined with bananas, mangoes, veggie plots and gardeners.

A family tending to their worm farm spoke to me and we chatted about the regular get togethers held in the neighbourhood, the sharing vibe that extends not only Bryant Street but into the wider community.
I was then invited next door and shown how to harvest Wasabi.


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Back at the property, the size of the backyard impressed me with a huge entertaining deck that I could see myself wanting to long-lunch under all weekend…

After peacefully soaking up some vitamin D and reading by the hot tub, of course.

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A backyard studio offers quiet retreat as an office/ studio/ creative lair – Its fully self contained with a kitchenette and full bathroom. Yes please!


And a garden full of lush herbs beckons you to pluck them fresh …

make some culinary magic in the gorgeous new kitchen.

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The way the new kitchen has been designed to blend in with the original features – like this oh-so-gorgeous glass door and cute-as-apple-pie kitchen fireplace.

Serve up and enjoy, surrounded by light loving louvres,
and a pink hued art deco mirror.
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16 Bryant Street, Tighes Hill.

A place in the sun.

Blog images_-95This home is for sale – Click here for details

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