Ally has huge pride in her family history.

She is descended from some well-known Novocastrian luminaries and she carries forward their light in her approach to her job and to her life.

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Ally loved growing up in New Lambton in the Stronarch family , with Snell and Suters among family friends.

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Not surprisingly, most were involved in some aspect of the property industry.

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Is it any wonder that Ally grew up influenced by this history? She was surrounded by architects and builders.  Not just any architects or builders. People who excelled in expertise. Who designed and built many of the most famous Newcastle edifices. Who changed approaches to design and methods that were to have a lasting impact on Newcastle, its appearance, and its history.

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It is as if real estate lay dormant within Ally while she worked in industries that gave her exceptional people skills.

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It must be wonderful passing Newcastle Police Station, the Civic Theatre, and every Newcastle movie theatre knowing you have such a close connection to their creators.

Ally is so good at what she does that it seems it was a natural progression for her to find her niche as a real estate agent.

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We and our clients are so lucky to have Ally at Villager Property!

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To connect with Ally and Villager, Click here

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