A dash of fun…

Villager Property is being built up as an agency with a difference.


Ben is the visionary at Villager Property. 

But his vision isn’t really what you might expect.

ben glee sq 

Villager Property is being built up as an agency with a difference.

Ben and his fellow agents have the skills to bring a fresh approach to property and marketing.

They all work to make the clients journey smooth and supported.

One that puts the wellbeing of the client first. The agents listen, discuss, and get to know the clients’ needs and preferences. They do this in a light-hearted, non-judgemental and supportive way that gains clients’ trust and confidence. Villager works WITH  the clients, not for them.


Ben himself is always empathetic with clients, and not just in words. 

He is the definition of going beyond the call of duty, working extraordinarily hard to fulfil the needs of the client. 

Then calls it fun!

In fact, he makes it fun!

Cooks Hill  morning_-4

When Ben makes contact, and he does so very often, his first question is always regarding the welfare of the client. He genuinely cares. And he is always available to answer those questions that wouldn’t be asked of the common garden variety agent. Nothing is too small or too silly. Ben will put your mind at rest. 

Cooks Hill  morning_-2

Ben’s wonderful team at Villager Property really do work together to facilitate your journey through the property market. Each of them is an expert at cooperation, as well as in their own field. 

Villager Property IS different. 

And everything is done with that dash of fun.

To connect with Ben and Villager, click here

ben jump BW triptich

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