They say that if you love your job it never feels like work.

Ben loves his role at Villager Property and this resonates in his positive personality. His attitude helps people around him feel positive, too.


One of the reasons Ben loves his job so much is because Ben loves people, and especially enjoys the fact that he has built good friendships with so many of his clients.

Just last night, Ben attended the 90th birthday of a client turned long term friend, Len.

ben clients 90th_

After a close working relationship with one family to sell their mothers home and move Gwen into a nursing home, Ben became good friends with Gwen – visiting her regularly with wife Alissa and daughters in tow.


Ben recently sold a house for an elderly lady who was moving closer to family in Queensland. She didn’t drive, and just happened to mention that she had to get to the airport one day to go to Qld.  Ben being Ben, he said happily: ‘I can take you to the airport’. And that’s how Ben came to be picking up a client at 4am for a 6am flight

Ben Cooks Hill_-8.jpg

A recent sale of home in Wallsend saw Ben and the client, Kath, work very hard to help get it ready for sale. Together, they set about the task of ‘de-cluttering’. Things disappeared into the skip, slowly at first,but in the end it became an hilarious game and they became friends. Ben and Kath still keep in touch to verbally spar with each other.

He even met his wife, Alissa, through his work. They worked in the same building and invariably met in the lift. Ben began calling Alissa ‘elevator girl’, and eventually asked her on a date. The rest is history.

ben alissa bw.jpg

The point is that Ben always displays absolute respect towards clients and colleagues.

He is just one of those great people who cares about everyone’s wellbeing.
To connect with Ben and Villager Property – Click  Here 

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