The Real Skills…

Friendly , caring management and attention to detail in one beautiful package…

Alissa brings invaluable skills to Villager Property from her previous roles in the finance industry and as a personal assistant. Experience that transfers perfectly to real estate.

Alissa Orange Wall_.jpg

However, the Villager Team realise where Alissa’s most valuable skills come from.

Alissa Frankies_.jpg

Alissa is mother to two gorgeous little girls, Grace and Evie.

And what has this to do with her work skills?

Well, the demands of motherhood bring about special qualities in a woman.

square alissa door_.jpg

Multi-tasking is probably the most transferable.

But what about:

People skills.

Time management.


Conflict management.


Health and safety expertise.


Wardrobe assistance.

Interior decorating.

Event management.

Life education.


alissa com garden

And a dash of fun. 

Alissa house_

All in one beautiful package.


alissa bright_.jpg

An exceptionally valuable Villager!

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