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As the sun creeps over the horizon on Saturday mornings, Bob and the Villagers are stretching their limbs and calibrating their bodies.

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With the assistance of Stretch Therapist Bob,
Postures are being corrected…

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and hips are being centred.

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After a session of stretching, the whole body feels light and open.

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The benefits and endorphins are present right from the start.

Much like Bob, really.
An open and gentle monk; instantly likeable.

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Bob had been running a Gym, PT sessions and group fitness classes for many years before he encountered Stretch Therapy in the 90s. But as soon as he saw and participated in a session, he knew this was the path he was meant to take.

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Ben met bob as a teenager, when he went to work in Bob’s Gym. They have remained close friends for over 15 years now.

But Bob’s proximity to Newcastle hasn’t remained close for all those years – his passion for balance and harmony lead him to Cambodia where he lived in Siem Reap.

4 years ago he was ordained as a Monk, in a very special ceremony in Angkor Wat.
There, in contrast to Cooks Hill, mornings in Cambodia consisted of a 4am start; meditation in the ancient temple; followed by a day of peaceful reflection and one simple meal.

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“Lack of flexibility will age you rapidly” says Bob. “It is not age that causes lack of movement, it is the lack of moving that causes the inability to move.”

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Bob’s exhortation is to take it slowly, balance the number of exercises, stop when you’ve had enough. Stretching is about you not the exercises.

blog bob-22

The difference between yoga and stretch therapy is that stretch therapy always has an anchor point – a partner or fixture – an axis for balance.

blog bob-12.jpg

blog bob-7.jpg

Bob insists we should all follow his one rule of investment in our bodies:

“Move every joint,

in every way,

every day.”

blog bob-39.jpg

Bob; One of life’s exceptional people.

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