Raising the Village

Happy Mothers Day Villagers.
Happy Mothers Day Newcastle.
You are doing a wonderful job!

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There are billions of Mums in the world, every one of them different. 

In fact, Mums represent the variety in life,

Giving birth to new life. 

Then nourishing their children with love.

Most of our staff are mothers (and fathers, too) and in the presence of any child there is a constant element of parental eyes scanning the horizon for equal part hazard and opportunity for fun!

We believe that Newcastle is a fortunate and magnificent place to raise a family.

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They say “It takes a village to raise a child”

Now most of us are familiar with this quote and its implications – but what does it mean in our modern society with ever changing social constructs and constantly evolving views of motherhood and parenting?

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In Newcastle we are fortunate to be surrounded by a community that offers limitless community involvement from sports clubs, swimming and surf orientated activities, world class parks and recreation facilities, beautiful beaches, national parks to explore and constant vibrancy in the cultural and social realm.


The vibe of the Newcastle Villager is that of a friendly disposition; supporting the personal and professional growth of us all.

Kind strangers, innovative social movements, energetic cultural construction.


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The town is rich in heritage, a beautiful tale to tell… and the future of Newcastle and its villages continues to get brighter and brighter.

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The wider community, the friends at school, the neighbourhood, your family and your friends;
The Villagers. 
The land, the homes, the businesses, the real estate, the location;
The Village. 


These are the elements that come together to help raise the future of Newcastle.
And we just happen to think that is pretty awesome!


Happy Mothers Day Villagers.
Happy Mothers Day Newcastle.

You are doing a wonderful job!

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