pretz and rod-2Rod
and Daniel grew up together in Whitebridge.

When Villager met up with Daniel this week, the two reminisced about early days when they would hitchhike down to Dudley beach – back then a dirt track – with a loaf of bread, a can of beans and a newspaper.

redhead evening_-15

“Once you got down there you would spend the whole day down there, ” Rod recalls ” Have a surf, warm up by the fire and cook some beans for breakfast. “

So why the newspaper?

“Light the fire!” Rod laughs.

“Read the sports section first though!” adds Daniel.

Still keen on surfing, Daniel rides with the Dudley Boardriders Club – which enjoys a friendly rivalry with the surf club of his new hometown Redhead, where he lives with wife Lara and their 3 children.

ledbury 2-2.jpg

Now both business owners in the construction industry, the pair continue to grow concurrently.


Daniel was passionate about architecture and custom built, quality construction from a young age. After school he went to university to study construction, before he accepted an apprenticeship .


A quiet achiever; Daniel focused on minimal designs, raw texture and superior quality building.

The eclectic style of housing in Newcastle has allowed Ledbury Constructions (formerly Ledbury Blatchford Constructions before his partner retired) to build many unique architecturally designed homes.

ledbury 2-4.jpg

Rod and Daniel have completed 5 homes together including one of their favorite projects – a 70s inspired concrete and glass home in Frederick Street, Merewether.


Passion and dedication to quality has seen Daniel gain a high level of respect in the industry and a prize winning portfolio as well.


2005 “$500 to 1 Million Home of the Year” MBA (Ledbury Constructions)2007 “$1 Million and over Home of the Year” MBA (Ledbury Constructions)

2007 “Home Builder of the Year” MBA (Ledbury Constructions)

2009 “$1 – 2 Million Home of the Year” (Ledbury Blatchford Constructions Pty Ltd)

2009 “Home Builder of the Year” MBA (Ledbury Blatchford Constructions Pty Ltd)

2011 “MBA Custom built home over 1 million” (Ledbury Blatchford Constructions Pty Ltd)

2011 “MBA Housing builder of the year” (Ledbury Blatchford Constructions Pty Ltd)

2013 “MBA Custom Built Homes Over $2 Million” (Ledbury Blatchford Constructions) Project – Curved Beach House.

2013 “MBA Young Builder of the Year” (Daniel Ledbury)

2013 “MBA Residential Builder of the Year“


While engaged with the business and raising a busy family, Daniel has remained committed to the community and is educating the next generation of builders.

Daniel is always training an apprentice, and has seen to completion 8 tradespeople in total. His first apprentice is still working with him 12 years later.


With the healthy market in Newcastle, we are excited to see the next award winning project from Daniel and Ledbury Constructions.

ledbury 2-3.jpg

To find out more about how to build your dream and love where you live – give us a call and we can help you start your next exciting adventure.

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