Bonnie Marcus and Brendan Williamson are local foodies. They have a ritual of Sunday breakfast at Estabar and the occasional dinner out at Brendan’s fave, House of Korea.



Bonnie, when she isn’t designing or studying, hangs out with her buddy Max the Bunny while Brendan likes to go karting for a bit of speed.


But their real passion is the details, design and form of the building industry.
In 2012, Bonnie and Brendan purchased 1 Alfred Street and began their renovation journey by starting immediately in the garden.
They planned to turn the Waratah property from a closed floorplan into a beautiful open plan home.


Room by room, they crafted a modern and detailed renovation full of character. The bathroom was even a finalist in the Master Builders Association awards in the Hunter for 2016.

A passion for detailed work using raw materials, exposed textures and brickwork has seen Brendan and his company Brendan Williamson Constructions work in a range of high end residential building projects – from new local builds to beachside Sydney renovations.


Bonnie also works for the company, she is currently a first year apprentice with a love of the building industry. A love that is paying off – she has taken out the  Master Builder Association’s Apprientice Of The Year in 2016 for first year female apprentices.
Before starting her apprenticeship with Brendan Williamson Constructions, Bonnie had completed her Bachelor of Design and in 2014 attained her Masters of Architecture which she tells us, in a trade where females are relatively rare,  “That degree really gave me the confidence to become a builder.”


Bonnie was awarded the ProBuild Trades Person Scholarship in August this year through the National Association for Women in Construction and is also involved locally with the Women in Building and Associated Services  which supports women in the construction industry.



Having finished the incredible transformation of this home, this proactive and creative couple listed with Villager Property to enjoy a stylish and interactive marketing campaign and we are happy to announce the home quickly sold prior to Auction.

So what’s next for the pair?

“We are finally going to start our own new build – from our own design.” Brendan tells us. They are heading  back to their hometown in the Kangaroo Valley.

“A new build and a new adventure!” Bonnie smiles.



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