Coming Up Collins

So what does a training regime look like for someone preparing to be an Ironman champion?


Daniel Collins started out spending every weekend at the beach when he was still in his stroller, his family dragging him from beach to beach to watch his father compete as a Surf Boat rower.


From there it was a natural progression into Nippers for Daniel and his two sisters, starting at Merewether then moving onto Redhead.


Training under Ross Blatchford, Daniel’s commitment to swimming and Surf Lifesaving has seen him go on to represent NSW and Australia at many competitions.


“I love Surf Lifesaving. It’s such a challenging sport and it’s always a surprise as to who will win – it’s never boring,” Daniel tells us as we sit down to wish him luck for his upcoming comp.


One of his most memorable moments happened in 2014 when he was selected to represent Australia in the Junior World Surf Lifesaving Championships against more than forty countries in France.

“I remember sitting on the lounge, a little while after I had done the trials, it was about 8pm,” Daniels says. “The phone rang and they said You’ve been chosen in the World’s team, do you accept? All while I was shaking and Mum was asking Who is it? I replied – Yes of course I accept!


‘‘Getting picked in the Australian team recognises you as one of the top for your age group and the next step will be moving on to the open leagues, the Nutri-Grain series, so it’s a great stepping stone,’’ Daniel had said of his selection in 2014.

Now, Daniel is currently training for the 2017 Nutri-Grain Ironman Finals Series.


Certainly a very exciting time for the young athlete and Villager Property are very proud to be a part of Daniels sponsorship team and supporters.


So what does a training regime look like for someone preparing to be an Ironman champion?

“I have two sessions a day, that involves running, swimming, a ski session and a board session. The Merewether stairs get a good workout too,” Daniels tells us. “It’s basically sleep, eat, train, repeat.”

Daniel outlines his weekly training schedule which includes:

Swim: 35 km

Paddle: 20km

Run: 15km

Board: 20km

Of course, thinking about all this hard core training led us to ask Daniel what he eats to keep his energy and body in optimal condition.


“Whatever Mum puts on my plate!” He laughs.

“I love lasagne. Mum’s lasagne is the best – that’s race food.”

Daniel is also attending University, studying Exercise Science to further his career in sport and his passion for the body and how to train it.

Daniel competes in the Nutri-Grain Lifesaving Championships which are being held on the 26th and 27th of November.


Daniel will be wearing number 17, so be sure to watch out for him on the day!


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