Planned for three, stayed for 10

Thong is such a character, he’s a genuinely great guy that brings a lot of joy to the community. I love Thong’s enthusiasm and love of life, plus he makes an awesome steak sandwich.

Allyson Little


This week I sat down with my local food lover and all round nice guy, Thong. We chatted about all things life and work. He’s such a happy, hilarious guy that he’s just infectious with his love of people. When we drive past in my husband’s wedding cars, he’ll yell out “Ally, I’m waiting, I’m ready.” We’ll have to take him for a spin one day soon. Thong is such a character, he’s a genuinely great guy that brings a lot of joy to the community. I love Thong’s enthusiasm and love of life, plus he makes an awesome steak sandwich.

How long have you been at this location

10 and a half years, I was in Sydney before that. I couldn’t afford to start my own business in Sydney so my wife and our twins boys moved up to Newcastle.


What inspired you to get involved with this business

I like food. The boys are involved too, they help us on the weekend and Friday nights. They’re about to finish school with plans of heading off to uni.


What do you bring to your local community

I think the happiness, I always have a joke with anyone that comes into the shop. I like to make people feel happy. When we came up from Sydney, my plan was to live here for three years and then head back to be with our families. But all of a sudden I love it up here, people love us. We bought property around here.


What do you love most about living locally

We love the lifestyle, it’s very relaxing. Even when I’m working hard I’m still really loving it.


Do you ever have a day off

Christmas Day, Boxing Day. I do have Tuesday afternoons off but only a couple of hours. I spend that time shopping, paying bills and other things that have to be done when running your own business.


What are you thankful for

I’m very thankful that I live in Australia, a place we’re proud to call home.


How do you want to be remembered

As a good person, a happy chap with a kind heart. Always helping people. That’s very important to me.


For your chance to Win:
We’d love to hear from you! To win a meal out valued at $50 from Whitebridge Takeaway & Cafe tell us what you love about Thong and his family-owned business? 

The winner will be announced this Friday 22nd September and Ally will shout you a meal out at the value of $50.

Whitebridge Takeaway & Cafe
149 Dudley Road Whitebridge, NSW 2290

Monday to Sunday 7am – 7pm


Over the next few weeks, I will be chatting with some of my locals to gather some insights into what they love about our Whitebridge community.

Next week I’ll be chatting with Melanie from Pegs Cafe.

4 thoughts on “Planned for three, stayed for 10”

  1. Best chips in the area. Our kids will only eat Whitebridge chips – we call them chip snobs!

    Thong knows his customers and what they like! He knows the name for the order just by your voice!

    Customer service and great food is the reason why the place is always busy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations Steve! You are this week’s lucky winner of a $50 voucher to go towards a great night out with plenty of chippies with your beautiful kiddies. We shall be in touch to organise getting your prize to you in the coming days. Thank you again 🙂 Myf


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