In good company

For your chance to win a dinner for two at Pegs, follow the link.

Allyson Little


This week I grabbed a few quick moments with Mel, the busy owner of Pegs Cafe in Whitebridge. She has created something pretty unique in our Village and on top of all-round wonderful food and coffee, she is now offering very popular themed nights, which we are loving. I remember a baked dinner theme night a little while ago, and wow that was awesome! We actually went three times that month with different friends and family because we couldn’t get enough of it.


What inspired you to start your own cafe

I’ve always loved hospitality, it’s something I’ve always done. We’ve been here, coming up to 5 years in December. The whole community has supported me, I can’t thank the Whitebridge people enough for their support.


Why Whitebridge

I love the Whitebridge community, my family lives around here and it was definitely the place to start something special.


Where did the name Pegs originate

Pegs is named after my three children. I have Pollyanna she’s 5, and I have twin boys Eddison and George and they’re 7. The ‘S’ is the part that brings everything together, my amazing staff.


Tell me about your awesome theme nights

Mel: Theme nights are going really well. Once a month we have a theme with a set price per head and the community’s loving it. We offer them on a Thursday and Friday night.

Ally: We love having you guys so close. The other week we celebrated Steve’s birthday on Friday night and it was amazing! The food, the atmosphere but above all the service. You’ve got some valuable people working with you that create something really special.



How did Women of Whitebridge begin

I started it as a way to bring women together and give them an excuse to go out once a month to catch up. We’re finding ourselves so busy now, so I wanted to provide an opportunity for our amazing female community to set aside some quality time with each other. I actually found it hard to catch up even with my sisters, so it’s a good excuse to meet for dinner once a month.

Next WOW night is on October 6th 2017


For your chance to Win:
We’d love to hear from you! To win a Themed night dinner for two from Pegs Cafe tell us what you love about Mel and her family-owned business? 

The winner will be announced this Friday 29th September and Ally will shout you a dinner for two at Pegs Themed Night.

Pegs Cafe
157 Dudley Road Whitebridge, NSW 2290

Saturday to Wednesday 7:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday 7:00am – 10:00pm
Friday 7:00am – 11:00pm

5 thoughts on “In good company”

  1. After moving to Whitebridge 3 years ago, going for a stroll to Pegs to meet friends or grab a take away coffee with my dog. Local produce only ever means delicious food and Pegs always delivers. Pegs always feels like home!

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