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Allyson Little


This week I caught up with my hairdresser over in Kahibah’s neck of the woods, Impressions Hair and Beauty. I see the guys quite regularly (every three weeks to cover my greys, but don’t tell anyone). They’ve always done a really good job and I love the community feel they’ve created in their salon.  


How long have you been here

Olivia: My sister, Nadia, has owned this salon for about 7 years.


What inspired you to get into hairdressing

When I left school I wanted to follow in my sister’s footsteps and so I went and did an apprenticeship. Now I get to work alongside my sister every day, it’s pretty awesome.


Why Kahibah

We’re from Whitebridge, and we’ve lived here for at least 20 years. It’s close to home and we love this area. It’s a really great locality, we’ve got easy access to parking and reasonably priced and we’re all really friendly.


What do you bring to your local community 

We bring new hair dos.

There are a few salons close by but it hasn’t really affected us, we’ve got our regular clients that keep on keeping on. now we’re introducing barbering into the salon as well. I’ll be heading that, which I’m pretty excited about. We’ve got a barber chair ready to go, we just need to find a spot in the salon for it.


What’s the kindest thing someone has done for you since you’ve been here 

I think we’ve created something unique that our clients feel really appreciated and a part of our little community. Sometimes our clients bring in little goodies for us at Christmas or they make homemade yummy things and bring them along to share. We just love it!


What’s changed for you guys

We’re known for being a Schwarzkopf salon but we’ve recently introduced Eleven, which is an Australian owned business and we love it plus our clients are really enjoying it too.


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Impressions Hair and Beauty
9/5 Glebe Glebe Street Kahibah, NSW 2290

Tuesday to Thursday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday 8:00am – 3:00pm

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