Imagine this for a moment…

You’re on the hunt for a new place to call home, you’ve spent the last couple of weeks running around during your lunch break and knocking off early to be the first to check out the new rentals you saw online. You’re booking online for inspections, sometimes you’re the only one turning up, no agent in sight. You call to confirm you’ve got the right time, they tell you it was cancelled because there wasn’t enough interest for that inspection time.

603.738.Hunter.Street.NEWCASTLE-4You come across a property from Villager, which looks like a winner but you don’t see an option to book in for the inspection the coming day. You call in the morning to confirm your booking and Kerrie answers.



“Morning Kerrie, I’d like to book in and see your Hunter Street apartment tomorrow”

Kerrie “Goodmorning, you actually don’t need to book in, we’ll be there ready to meet you. We schedule our open homes for both midday and late afternoons, which allows you to either pop in during your lunch break or after work.”

“Oh, so I don’t need to book?”

Kerrie “That’s right, there’s no need to book in.”

“But how do I know that you’re going to turn up?”

Kerrie “When we advertise our inspections, we turn up at those times. No need to book, we’ll be there ready to welcome you in.”

“But everyone else makes you book in.”

Kerrie “That’s right, we’re not like everyone¬†else, we’re Villager.”


Introducing Tom Stewart & Kerrie Piefke, they’ll be welcoming you in with a smile and always up for a chat.



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