The unexpected welcome of a community

Whitebridge is one of those hidden gems amongst the local community. To an outsider, it seems like the go-between for people who live in the suburbs and the beach. But when you start digging, this place has something truly unique to offer.

Allyson Little

Ally-12I never had plans to move to Whitebridge, I’ve lived mainly in New Lambton, which I have always loved. When my husband Steve and I decided on a change we wanted to live somewhere different. Steve’s a builder so we found this really cute house on a large block which he could renovate and re-sell.  We weren’t  planning on living out this way but we felt very relaxed and comfortable with the area and decided to stay. We have now called Whitebridge home for the last 10 years!!

Ally-whitebridge-7.jpgWe didn’t realise what Whitebridge had to offer, but we fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle and friendly feel. I love the fact that it’s only a short stroll down to Fernleigh Track to take my dog Billie for a run. We always run into to someone up for a chat along the way.


Every time our grandkids are in town we have to take them down to the dam to feed the ducks which is literally two minutes from our house.

IMG_1902Josey Ellie Nanny

We love the convenience of the local shops at the top of our street. Everything is there that we need. The general vibe of our community is amazing!


We’re lucky enough to have the best neighbours. On Sunday afternoon young Kyle from across the road bought over two lovely flathead for us that he had caught that day. How amazing is that! The neighbours two doors down bought up two bags of lemons a couple of weeks ago, for us to enjoy.


We love connecting with people, which this community fosters. For Steve and I, it’s not just the location, it’s the people that have made it easy for us call Whitebridge home. Steve meets a lot of the locals being the Grounds Administrator of Whitebridge High. The kids love to call him “Mr Willy” thanks to the Simpsons reference.


Locals supporting locals

Over the next few weeks, I will be chatting with some of my locals to gather some insights into what they love about the Whitebridge community.


We also want to hear from you, the Village community. You’ll have the chance to let us know your thoughts by the end of each week for your chance to win some awesome prizes from our locals.


The first local I’ll be chatting with is Thong, Whitebridge’s Takeaway and Café owner. Not only does he dish up an awesome steak sandwich but he also creates an amazing atmosphere with his warm and welcoming nature.

About Villager

Since 2015 we have been building something unique, with a strong focus on community. At Villager Property we are all Villagers, our story is your story. I use my market knowledge, real estate experience, and my friendly nature to welcome everyone to the Villager experience. Having fun and truly enjoying what you do are key ingredients to contributing to this wonderful community. I’m just one person, a part of something bigger – the Village.


Looking for some expert advice from a local? Give Ally a call on 0458 495 649

Check out Ally’s locals below

Thong from Whitebridge Takeaway & Cafe

Mel from PEGS Cafe

To all the rad Dads & Grandads

To mark this special occasion of celebrating the best blokes in our life, we thought we’d start off the day with a list of our daggiest dad jokes. Enjoy!

Wishing the men in our extended villager family a Happy Father’s Day.

To mark this special occasion of celebrating the best blokes in our life, we thought we’d start off the day with a list of our daggiest dad jokes.

Got a good dad joke?
Scroll down and comment below.

Want to come to yoga dad?
Na’ maste in bed.

What’s brown and sticky?
A stick.

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?

Why couldn’t the bike stand on its own?
Because it was two tyred.

I swear if my memory was any worse,
I could plan my own surprise party.

What kind of shoes do frogs wear?
Open toad shoes.

What time did the man go to the dentist?
Tooth hurt-y.

How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogie in it!

I’ll call you later.
Don’t call me later, call me Dad.

Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon?
Great food, no atmosphere.

Enjoy your Sunday Newcastle!


Art, Design & Makers Conference

The guys are back for their third year and they have some awesome things in store. This event brings together the communities of artiest, designers and makers.

Newcastle’s creative scene is forever building, forever evolving and forever supporting those who love creating, designing and making. Newcastle’s very own MAKEit MADEit conference is no exception. The guys are back for their third year and they have some awesome things in store. This event brings together the communities of artiest, designers and makers. August 12th will be a jam packed of inspiring creative talks, exhibits, masterclasses all set amongst the backdrop of our forever changing village, Newcastle.

Our Creative Director, Myf Garven secured her ticket months ago, so we think she’s pretty keen!

When: Saturday, 12th August
Where: Newcastle Museum
Check out more here.


Villagers Matchmaker

Live | Laugh | Love 

Are the values that our new Sales Consultant Kelli Bell lives by. 


A few words to describe Kelli; bubbly, friendly, outgoing, fun, loyal, focused, passionate, determined with a smile to boot.


Kelli’s experience focuses on relationships. 

Her warm, friendly, and honest nature makes you feel like you’ve known each other for years. She cares, she listens, and above all she’s there with you every step of the way.

Mayfield portraits_-2

An open home enthusiast. 

 Prior to Villager she spent her weekends racing around town checking out all the amazing open homes. She’d keep up to date with the current listings and quickly became the go to expert for friends and family. Her passion for helping people find their dream home lead to becoming known as Villager’s resident matchmaker.


Contact Kelli Bell if you’re tired of searching for a needle in a haystack.

Beyond Champagne


Recently we had the pleasure of hosting an end of financial year celebration as a ‘thank you’ to our wonderful landlords for their continued support.

It was great having a night dedicated to celebrating where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Thank you to those who joined us and made it a night to remember. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We really value your support and friendship because here at Villager we focus on building something beyond the work relationship. We believe that Home Begins Here; with you, with us, with our community.

A night of music, good food, a sprinkle of magic, a fire twirl of spark and above all people. And finally, thank you to Central Bar for providing the perfect venue for our Villager event.


Villager Property-58



sparkles 2 EOFY invite_

Zen gardening with Bamboo

Being named in the Guinness Book of World Records for worlds fastest growing plant, it creates instant privacy and a feeling of calm, tropical relaxation.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-19

Living in Japan for 3 years Justin Popp fell in love with the eastern asian lifestyle, and was inspired while walking amongst 30 year old giant bamboo forests.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-20

Back in Australia, Justin worked as a marketing exec in Melbourne for 10 years in campaign management and social media but made the sea change to Newcastle with his young family in 2015.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-10
The family is loving the excellent weather, great schools and vibrant community of Newcastle.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-3

“Newcastle is a little like Melbourne,” Justin replies when we ask him about any similarities. “A mini Melbourne by the sea. Darby Street is Like Degraves, and The Junction reminds me of Brighton. Richmond may be Newcastle East”

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-8

Settling into Newcastle as a Stay at Home Dad, Justin began dabbling in his passion of bamboo. He set up a nursery in his backyard after sourcing an Australian Supplier and started retailing on Gumtree.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-11

Now having grown to bigger premises, Justins passion and hobby has turned into a job that he loves; Zen Bamboo 

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp

We caught up with Justin and his plants recently and took a look through a few bamboo varieties he is growing here in Newcastle.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-17

Justin has a relaxed outdoor vibe, with his “office” nestled among the plants and an enthusiasm for the job that only comes from doing what you love.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-5

With horticultural training, he is expanding into landscape design, project managing bamboo gardens and services to contain and maintain the plants.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-31
New Installation in Cooks Hill

“Bamboo has gained a bad name due to the invasive nature of the old types grown here, and also dumping which then grows out of control.” Justin explains

“But we now have clumping varieties available and also management systems”

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-9

Clumping species and narrow species are planted with a root corridor carefully planned out and managed by Zen Bamboo. Barriers keep the plants growing in corridors, exactly where you want them.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-26

There are over 1500 different species of bamboo. Some, like the Oldhami Variety can grow up to 12m high and 10cm in diameter.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-22

110 varieties have edible shoots, like the P.Dulcis variety which are delicious in stir fry and have a higher protein content than any other vegetable.

Food is not the only thing that makes bamboo such a valuable plant in the asian economy – It is utilised for many things from building materials, arts and crafts, beer, clothing and manufacturing.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-14

Here in Newcastle though, we value it for its beautful tall green form, swaying softly in the breeze.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-2

Being named in the Guinness Book of World Records for worlds fastest growing plant, it creates instant privacy and a feeling of calm, tropical relaxation.

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-24

Technically a giant grass, bamboo is also excellent at carbon capture; so a pretty garden can also contribute to the protection of the earths resources!

Zen Bamboo - Justin Popp-3


Love this? Check out our previous blog on a gorgeous Tighes Hill property styled with some of this gorgeous giant grass here 

Coming Up Collins

So what does a training regime look like for someone preparing to be an Ironman champion?


Daniel Collins started out spending every weekend at the beach when he was still in his stroller, his family dragging him from beach to beach to watch his father compete as a Surf Boat rower.


From there it was a natural progression into Nippers for Daniel and his two sisters, starting at Merewether then moving onto Redhead.


Training under Ross Blatchford, Daniel’s commitment to swimming and Surf Lifesaving has seen him go on to represent NSW and Australia at many competitions.


“I love Surf Lifesaving. It’s such a challenging sport and it’s always a surprise as to who will win – it’s never boring,” Daniel tells us as we sit down to wish him luck for his upcoming comp.


One of his most memorable moments happened in 2014 when he was selected to represent Australia in the Junior World Surf Lifesaving Championships against more than forty countries in France.

“I remember sitting on the lounge, a little while after I had done the trials, it was about 8pm,” Daniels says. “The phone rang and they said You’ve been chosen in the World’s team, do you accept? All while I was shaking and Mum was asking Who is it? I replied – Yes of course I accept!


‘‘Getting picked in the Australian team recognises you as one of the top for your age group and the next step will be moving on to the open leagues, the Nutri-Grain series, so it’s a great stepping stone,’’ Daniel had said of his selection in 2014.

Now, Daniel is currently training for the 2017 Nutri-Grain Ironman Finals Series.


Certainly a very exciting time for the young athlete and Villager Property are very proud to be a part of Daniels sponsorship team and supporters.


So what does a training regime look like for someone preparing to be an Ironman champion?

“I have two sessions a day, that involves running, swimming, a ski session and a board session. The Merewether stairs get a good workout too,” Daniels tells us. “It’s basically sleep, eat, train, repeat.”

Daniel outlines his weekly training schedule which includes:

Swim: 35 km

Paddle: 20km

Run: 15km

Board: 20km

Of course, thinking about all this hard core training led us to ask Daniel what he eats to keep his energy and body in optimal condition.


“Whatever Mum puts on my plate!” He laughs.

“I love lasagne. Mum’s lasagne is the best – that’s race food.”

Daniel is also attending University, studying Exercise Science to further his career in sport and his passion for the body and how to train it.

Daniel competes in the Nutri-Grain Lifesaving Championships which are being held on the 26th and 27th of November.


Daniel will be wearing number 17, so be sure to watch out for him on the day!