Adamstown Entertainer

Gorgeous interiors in this Beautifully maintained, planned and styled home. The attention to detail here from lighting to layout is perfectly matched to modern, carefree family living.

Just a few moments from the cafes and shops of Adamstown, there sits an immaculately renovated home waiting to impress and entertain you.


Beautifully maintained, planned and styled both inside and out, the attention to detail here from lighting to layout is perfectly matched to modern, carefree family living.


Bright open family spaces adjoin to a beckoning entertaining deck next to the glistening plunge pool.
This is all beautifully balanced by the cosy private living room and 3 bedrooms.
This property has been renovated to be the centre of attention while still being a haven for relaxation by the pool, dinner by the fireplace and cozy family time in the formal lounge.
Pops of colour, and lots of fun.
The undercover entertaining deck makes you dream of long summer weekends with friends by the BBQ bar decked out in sunnies, swimmers and tongs.

A relaxing fountain runs into the pool, but the two car garage doesn’t miss out and also boasts its own water feature.

Modern open kitchen with stainless steel & gas appliances looks out onto the dining are and living room, and onto the backyard. Perfect for cooking up a storm in the kitchen and keeping an eye on the family outside.
A bathroom so beautiful you don’t need to line the bathtub with candles here, just lay back and enjoy the lighting.
A lifestyle property for the whole family.
The home is walking distance to schools, parks and a 10min drive to beaches and Newcastle CBD – you’d better click here and get to an inspection quickly for this one. 

Kingstown on the Coal River

As Villagers, we always find it interesting to learn about the history and stories that lie in our beautiful cities past.

In 1797 New South Wales’ second European settlement was established on the Coal River, about 100 kilometers north of Sydney Town by sea. 

Escaped convicts had discovered coal there in the coastal cliffs. When Lt. John Shortland re-captured the convicts he reported the presence of coal to Governor King. 
Coal River was basically a gaol for troublemaker convicts. The aim was for coal and cedar to be sent to Sydney Town for the use of settlers there. 
Unfortunately, the settlement failed, and it was 7 years later, in 1804, that a better planned endeavour was begun, again gathering coal and cedar. 
The name Kingstown was given to the town. 
Later named Newcastle, Kingstown became the first industrial town in New South Wales, with a timber yard and several mines manned by convicts. 
At the mouth of the harbour was an island, named Nobbys by Captain Cook in 1770. In order to protect the harbour a break wall was built using rock removed from the top of this island. The wall was called Macquarie Pier and connected the re-shaped island to the mainland. The area towards the pier was sandhills in those days, as was most of the land adjacent to the coast. 
The river was later re-named the Hunter River, with the harbour at its mouth destined to become the greatest coal export harbour in the world. 
Uninviting back then, Newcastle East south to Merewether has now become the most highly desired areas to reside and playground of fun and vibrant lifestyle.


Courtney Cares

Courtney ticks all the boxes here, She’s got this.

“I’m really happy to be here working with a team that are so welcoming and friendly. This job really does allow me to do what I love the most, providing great service.”

After 15 years in the Real Estate industry, Courtney Rumble has joined Villager Property as our invaluable Senior Property Manager.


Originally from the Southern Highlands, Courtney moved to Newcastle 11 years ago to be with her then partner – now husband. Enjoying the perfect weather and stunning beaches that Newcastle has to offer, the couple are grateful to be now raising their young son and daughter in such a supportive community.


“The best part of my day is hearing my kids laugh,” Courtney tells us. “That… and watching them sleep.”

Courtney has told us that one of her passions is for great service – alongside a penchant for a good cappuccino, a fondness of travel and adventures including a brave love of plunging into the ocean to scuba dive among shipwrecks, coral and sea life.

Courtney was working in hotel management when she decided to try Real Estate. An eye for detail and a love of personalized service has seen Courtney excel in the industry.

Courtney’s positive attitude and proactive personality combine in united action in her role and we at Villager Property are fortunate to have our growing rent roll managed with such skill.


Property Management requires a very specific sort of person to complete the job successfully: a balancing act between communication, local knowledge, finance, logistical management and of course the anticipation of future outcomes.

Through all this, a Property Manager must also be completely present – to listen and understand the needs of a variety of people and keep the lines of communication open between them all. This is a job that can get tough yet also be a catalyst for wonderful relationships.

Courtney ticks all the boxes here – she’s got this.

“I’m really happy to be here working with a team that are so welcoming and friendly. This job really does allow me to do what I love the most – providing great service.”


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A Perfectly Designed Duo

Before starting her apprenticeship with Brendan Williamson Constructions, Bonnie had completed her Bachelor of Design and in 2014 attained her Masters of Architecture which she tells us, in a trade where females are relatively rare, “That degree really gave me the confidence to become a builder.”

Bonnie Marcus and Brendan Williamson are local foodies. They have a ritual of Sunday breakfast at Estabar and the occasional dinner out at Brendan’s fave, House of Korea.



Bonnie, when she isn’t designing or studying, hangs out with her buddy Max the Bunny while Brendan likes to go karting for a bit of speed.


But their real passion is the details, design and form of the building industry.
In 2012, Bonnie and Brendan purchased 1 Alfred Street and began their renovation journey by starting immediately in the garden.
They planned to turn the Waratah property from a closed floorplan into a beautiful open plan home.


Room by room, they crafted a modern and detailed renovation full of character. The bathroom was even a finalist in the Master Builders Association awards in the Hunter for 2016.

A passion for detailed work using raw materials, exposed textures and brickwork has seen Brendan and his company Brendan Williamson Constructions work in a range of high end residential building projects – from new local builds to beachside Sydney renovations.


Bonnie also works for the company, she is currently a first year apprentice with a love of the building industry. A love that is paying off – she has taken out the  Master Builder Association’s Apprientice Of The Year in 2016 for first year female apprentices.
Before starting her apprenticeship with Brendan Williamson Constructions, Bonnie had completed her Bachelor of Design and in 2014 attained her Masters of Architecture which she tells us, in a trade where females are relatively rare,  “That degree really gave me the confidence to become a builder.”


Bonnie was awarded the ProBuild Trades Person Scholarship in August this year through the National Association for Women in Construction and is also involved locally with the Women in Building and Associated Services  which supports women in the construction industry.



Having finished the incredible transformation of this home, this proactive and creative couple listed with Villager Property to enjoy a stylish and interactive marketing campaign and we are happy to announce the home quickly sold prior to Auction.

So what’s next for the pair?

“We are finally going to start our own new build – from our own design.” Brendan tells us. They are heading  back to their hometown in the Kangaroo Valley.

“A new build and a new adventure!” Bonnie smiles.



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Pink Waves

A chance email from the Cancer Council which asked the question “What are YOU doing to help raise funds and awareness?” that Courtney had her “ah-ha” moment and knew she what she could do.


It was a magical day down at Dixon Park Beach today – friendly crowds, artisan markets and men wearing bright pink bras, while competing with each other for the best ridden wave.

Orchestrating all this is Courtney Bower, calmly keeping the day running smoothly all with a big smile and a cheerful hello.

Courtney is a regular at surfing competitions – her partner Marlenn Guihot is a keen longboarder. While they love attending competitions they always found themselves imagining the things they would do differently if they were to run an event.

Courtney and Marlenn

Courtney’s mother, at 47, was diagnosed with breast cancer and this motivated Courtney to get involved.

But it wasn’t until one day, while reading an email from the Cancer Council that asked the question What are YOU doing to help raise funds and awareness? that Courtney had her “ah-ha” moment and knew what she could do to help.

Courtney and Marlenn have created an annual surfing event to raise awareness about breast cancer and generate funds and support for Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon.
They were actually on their way back from that same long boarding competition in 2015 when they came up with the name of the event – Tubes 4 Boobs!

“Its a fun name, but not in away to be taken as a joke,” Courtney tells us. “It’s all about raising awareness and starting the conversation.”

Volunteer Ann and Courtney

The event runs for two days, with short board comp on Saturday and the Long Board comp on Sunday. A fun crowd favorite is the lunchtime session where all competitors have to wear bras whilst surfing.


Tubes 4 Boobs target fundraising goal for 2015 was $10,000 – but incredibly that target was doubled with the event raising just over $20,000.

The target for 2016 was $20,000 and Courtney is hoping this target will be met today as well.

The boys all in their gear!

Ted Bassingthwaighte is the Toobs 4 Boobs top fundraiser and also the Digital Media Manager for the event, but he tells us, “Courtney is the spear head of everything for the day!” Courtney laughs, “Well you’re the feathers. Can’t shoot straight without feathers!”

Courtney and Ted before the presentation today.

“Its such a great day to bring the community together. All while raising funds and having a laugh,” Courtney tells us.

“And how is your mother doing these days?” We ask.

“She’s fine… She kicked Cancer’s butt!” Courtney happily replies.

This fun, popular and successful event is such an inspirational feat and the Newcastle couple are hoping to form a committee for 2017 to make the event even “bigger and better.”

Villager Property – Community, Style, Local, Real Estate – Home Begins Here

Going once, Going twice…

Leon turns work into fun and entertainment; bringing a smile to the crowd and a sold sticker to the signboard.

During his previous career as an agent in commercial real estate, Leon Axford attended his first auction. Watching the excitement build and the energy circulate around the crowd – Leon knew he had found his calling and pursed his dream.


Leon is now the director of his own company Axford Auctions and calls up to 500 Auctions a year; covering residential, commercial, industrial and retail real estate.

“Calling auctions is my only calling.” Leon testifies.


Asking Leon what he brings to the Auction scene, he replies enthusiastically with a big grin “I’m a creative person, and I like to bring my own flair to the auctions I call, a little joke here, a story there…”

Leon turns work into fun and entertainment; bringing a smile to the crowd and a sold sticker to the signboard.


Fun is not only vibrantly running through his auction style, but his personal style as well.

A snappy dresser, we are yet to see Leon wear the same pair of socks – spreading smiles with an array of happy accessories.


Leon is working exclusively with Villager Property, complementing our marketing campaigns to deliver beautiful style with exceptional and consistent results.


For example, last Sunday Villager Property held 3 Auction properties in succession and all three were successfully sold; a testament to an exceptional team!


“There are two types of bidders I see a lot, those that test the water with their toe and slowly wade into the water… and those that jump right in straight away! Its all good fun though!” Leon tells us as we wander down Darby Street.

But if the water is as nice as a Newcastle Beach then all that matters is that you go wet, really!

Home begins with Villager Property – Buying or Selling? Give us a call. Click here for details. 


Meredith’s Hive

Meredith’s goal in her principalship is to effect positive change and enrich the children’s learning experience with music, art and entertainment.

Arriving at the Carrington Primary School you will notice many bees around the grounds. Not the kind that will sting you though – the kind that will encourage you. 

“Our mantra here is to be a learner, be safe, be respectful and be kind,” Meredith tells us.  The happy little hive here have embraced the bee as their mascot.


“Its lovely, the students often make and bring me little bee gifts. The students with the most bee cards at the end of the month gets to have morning tea with the principal,” she continues.


Meredith Lindsay has been the Principal of Carrington Primary School since 2013 and her focus here is on providing a broad spectrum of education.


Meredith grew up in Kurri Kurri and briefly lived interstate as well as in Sydney, eventually returning to Newcastle with her husband and three children because, “It’s just too nice of a place not to live here!”


Always a high achiever, Meredith was drawn to management early in life – starting her career with Drake Employment in Sydney, it wasn’t long before she was the Manager of her team at only twenty years old.


Returning to Newcastle Meredith worked with Park Royal Hotels and after what she calls, “brutal training in service and management,” she was promoted to Manager there within three years also.


After her children were born, Meredith decided to attend University to gain her Teaching degree. She would take her small children along to uni with her and they would sit diligently throughout lectures, which turned out wonderfully for both Meredith and her studious children, “My youngest daughter could read and write by four years old and coincidentally she is at uni now!”


When asked about her transition from teacher to principal she replies, “ It was through a lot of hard work and dedication.”

Meredith’s goal through her Principalship is to affect positive change and enrich the children’s learning experience with music, art and entertainment. 

“High engagement in activities means the kids love to come to school,” explains Meredith. “I want to expose them to these things because you don’t know what you like until you are exposed to it.”

Meredith has programs for students to regulate their own behaviour and learning – the children have personal learning goals which promotes self driven learning.


“I have built my Principalship on kids respecting themselves, the community, the environment and their goals,” she adds.

Since her appointment, Carrington Public School has achieved their best NAPLAN results to date and the growth rate in Grades 3 to 5 has been well above state average.

“21st Century learning is about critical thinking and problem solving,” Meredith tells us. “ I have an open door policy for all staff and students – but I urge them not to come to me with a problem, but with a solution.”


The school embraces such programs as a Chess Club – with which they are about to represent the school at semi-finals; Coding Club for young IT enthusiasts; craft; didgeridoo lessons; yoga and stretch classes for all interested students at lunch times and a student managed vegetable garden and chicken run.


Giving is a strong value that Meredith and the school also work towards and part of that is to raise money, “We are raising money this week with the Art Exhibition on Thursday night. I want to show the children that you can make a difference through giving, though art and through music. That way they understand that they have the power within them.”


When we asked Meredith what she does to relax and have fun, she smiles, “I am an academic at heart and I really do learn for fun. I guess I am most happy with a cup of tea and a research paper.”

A keen interest in health, nutrition and food science is another of Meredith’s passions. 

“I am quite known around the staff to always encourage everyone to eat their fresh fruit and veggies,” Meredith laughs as we discuss the school’s Swap It healthy eating program.


“I really do love the community here at Carrington, we really are just like a little village and I don’t think I have ever met a more supportive and inclusive community.”


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