Terraced on Throsby

A park full of roses and playgrounds, willows that dance into the water, ever changing ripples of shimmer and glow.
On the bank of the creek, Sitting in prime absolute waterfront location – you will find 41 Tighes Terrace.

In the funky village of Tighes Hill, Throsby Creek meanders its way through town.

A park full of roses and playgrounds, willows that dance into the water, everchanging ripples of shimmer and glow.

blog tighes tcce-4

On the bank of the creek, sitting in a prime absolute waterfront location, you will find

41 Tighes Terrace.

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Entry to the home is through gorgeous French doors and into the brightly lit foyer – the sunshine reflecting on the Merbau timber.

41 tighes terrace THill-63

Follow the steps from the foyer into the large dining and family space and be impressed by the sweeping views of the treetops and flowing creek beyond.

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This large property has views to the river and landscaped garden from almost every room, yet feels incredibly private.

Double opening, stackable sliding glass doors can be opened onto both decks, creating space and breeze throughout the home.

blog tighes tcce-8

The eastern deck is bathed in morning sunshine, with golden light spreading across Throsby Basin and the Grahame Bridge. Opening to the living room, dining room and bedroom, this is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast and watch the morning kayakers paddle upstream.

41 tighes terrace THill-58

The western deck, perfect for the weekend BBQ, enjoys afternoon warmth as you count the birds or watch the sun set over the creek.

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Even in the cooler months the winter blues will be kept far away, with cosy time spent inside overlooking the vibrancy of the outdoors, while the reverse cycle ducted air conditioning keeps you comfortable.

blog tighes tcce-35

Adjacent to the living area, a formal living room – currently set up as an office and media room  – is accessed via two colourful salvaged Indian doors.

The salvaged doors – from wool stores – also feature in the master bedroom.

There are views from the bed over the gardens and creek, an extra large walk-in closet and an ensuite that features a twelve jet spa bath and relaxing, leafy outlook.

blog tighes tcce-52

blog tighes tcce-5

blog tighes tcce-47

Downstairs at the garden level, through the rumpus room, is a library that opens to the vegetable patch.

41 tighes terrace THill-65

blog tighes tcce-43

No need to walk upstairs if you want a cup of tea with your afternoon read – the library also features a kitchenette.

blog tighes tcce-42

Three large bedrooms, all with built-in wardrobes, are also downstairs.

 As is a family bathroom with separate toilet. Across the hall, an extra large storage room with enough room for linen and accessories.

blog tighes tcce-39

The pleasures of growing your own fruit and vegetables are the focus behind the delightful design of this home garden which features olive trees, citrus trees, herbs and passionfruit vines covering the fences. Three large vegetable gardens sit in full sun to keep you eating fresh all year long.

blog tighes tcce-70

blog tighes tcce-71

And just thinking about all that fresh produce brings us back upstairs to the kitchen.

The heart of the home: bright and open, communal and modern. Serviced by a gas cooktop with two wok burners, a long burner and matching rangehood.

blog tighes tcce-10

Granite island and benchtops are complemented by the clean lines of angled push-open doors, a hidden fridge and beautiful pendant lighting.

blog tighes tcce-7

All designed to capitalise on those views.

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An Adventure in Apothecary

A journey through this establishment takes you from drinks that taste like life in a glass, to food in bowls that feel like a hug from Nanna.

Villager often grab lunch at Apothecary Kitchen on Tudor Street.

BTW it’s a cafe – not a compound chemist.

apothecary blog_-44

People walk in and around this Hamilton Cafe like you casually walk around your own home.

apothecary blog_-11.jpg

Most give a smile and nod to Ben, the owner.

“Hi Ben – a few packages today,” calls the Postie.

“Morning Ben,” says a local, stopping by for her porridge.

“Hey Ben!” Call 2 small children and their baby-wearing mum as they come in to collect the weekly compost bin from the kitchen.

apothecary blog_-6

Originally from Perth, Ben came to Newcastle with his partner Kate many years ago,and have since become much loved locals.

Ben and Kate raise five children in the family friendly community of Hamilton.

 Ben founded the ever-growing Hamilton Running Dads group which has competed in many local events and serves to be a community for like minded local fathers.

Their lucky kids, along with Ben and Kate, are up early every Sunday morning – crates in hand – to pick the weekly stock from the Newcastle Farmers Markets.

“I think it’s really important to support the locals and to know where our produce comes from.”

apothecary blog_-28-1

Loves local?  Yep. Locally loved? Definitely.

Working his way through a tourism degree at a local establishment, it was in hospitality that Ben found the opportunity to reach people, create things and design a life that was authentic to him.

apothecary blog_-43

Being a father of a busy family, he is passionate about the importance of healthy, affordable meals.

But being Ben, the cafe has a twist – which is where the “Apothecary” comes in.

apothecary blog_-46

Originally, local apothecaries’ concoctions of herbal remedies were sought for medicinal help, a precursor to the modern science of pharmacology.

But with the power of food and nourishment, Ben is taking the name “Apothecary” back -right here in Newcastle.

Ben’s kitchen creates magic food.
Healing food.

apothecary blog_-47

Food that is alive.

Lactococcus lactose and Leuconostoc mesenteroides cultures are the centre of our kitchen,” he tells us.

apothecary blog_-33

A journey through this establishment takes you from drinks that taste like life in a glass, to food in bowls that feel like a hug from Nanna.

apothecary blog_-36

Bubbling Kombucha made from a huge gut loving 4 year old scoby, is flavoured with lemon myrtle this week but the next batch will be whatever seasonal produce Ben has invested in.

apothecary blog_-34

apothecary blog_-3
Bens custom Ginger beer and Kombucha dispensery

The homemade ginger beer, that bursts with sweet earthy comforts, comes from a ginger ferment made right in the shop.

apothecary blog_-22.jpg
Housemade Ginger Beer Ferment

The yoghurt that adorns the oats for breakfast is cultured from the “waste milk” from the previous days coffee froths.

The compost is collected weekly for a local community garden.

apothecary blog_-41
Vegetarian curry

The left over buttermilk from the creme fraiche goes into the next days vegetarian curry.

A symbiotic harmony.

Experiments being tinkered here, boundaries being pushed there.

An  Apothecary Adventure.

To find out more about local life in Hamilton and Newcastle, visit Villager Property to start living the life you love.

The Heritage

front sun hetherbrae 5000 pixels-2.jpg
Morning sun reaches over the dewy expanse of the front yard, creating shadows from the ancient fig trees which dance on the lawn.
The skies at the rear of the property light up in pastels across a wide expanse of horses, and countryside.
The crisp country air flows over the plain and creates a fresh, peaceful scene.
The Heritage - rear view.jpg
The open and peaceful feeling of the location is transferred beautifully inside the double brick home.
A home that will strike you instantly as – different.
This one is special.
This one makes you dream.
5 large bedrooms.
2 very large living areas.
A formal dining room with bar.
An oversized rumpus/ ballroom.
And a detached former “honeymoon sweet”,
now used as the perfect teenagers retreat.
There is room for everyone and everything here!
The master bedroom enjoys a leafy view, large walk in robe attached to the bathroom, and french door entry.
The Heritage - Master bedroom 2
 The Heritage - Master bedroom 5
So much spaciousness, yet the home still feels full of warmth.
For many years this property was a wedding reception venue. Love, that has been so often been celebrated here, has imbibed the home.
The historical cottage of Motto Farm Homestead provides the base for the extended home, lending grace and heritage to the ambience of the property.
The Heritage - chandelier_
The extensive renovations have provided ample space to hold functions and weddings.
the heritage - front house car wide
A custom fit-out including commercial kitchen with cool rooms, large laundry,
and of course.. the ballroom.
Parquetry flooring, a bar, patio doors out to a pergola with country views.
All serviced by commercial bathrooms.
Are you inspired yet?
the heritage - large dining pool room 1
The recent owners have enjoyed the property as a wonderful family home, where a growing family can take advantage of all on offer;
The Heritage - kids in front yard_
Open outdoor spaces, Numerous large living areas, intimate lounge area, fenced yards for animal keeping and plenty of parking for guests.
The Heritage - the chook house_
The Heritage - gracie at the chook house_
The next chapter for 2279 Pacific Highway is now waiting to be written.
The Heritage - Backyard swing chair
This truly is a choose your own adventure story.
A good sized parcel of land, with pacific highway frontage just 20 mins from Newcastle CBD. A comfortable family home, set back from the road, with endless option for reinvention.
To learn more about this unique opportunity – contact Ben at Villager Property 

Chop, chop!

The social,  infectious energy of the salon drew Lee into the industry and the creative outlet of hairdressing inspired him… hanging out with lots of fun women, was a nice bonus too. 

Passion, education and fun.

This is the foundation of the Nesbitt Hairdressing empire.

lee nesbitt2-3
Add to that a commitment to organic, eco friendly hair care and genuine client engagement, this is a formula for long term growth.

lee nesbitt-4

Lee Nesbitt is ambitious.



And all of these things spring from his passion for his industry.

lee nesbitt-19

Although a third generation hairdresser, Lee started his working life in the building industry. After a while, for some extra income, he started picking up a few shifts at his father’s salon.

lee nesbitt-11

The social, infectious energy of the salon drew Lee into the industry and the creative outlet of hairdressing inspired him (Hanging out with lots of fun women was a nice bonus too).

He laughs, “I just love this atmosphere – its alive, fun and energetic.”.

In his teens, he sold raffle tickets so that his young team could hire a bus to go to Brisbane and participate in hairdressing competitions. Learning from mentors in the industry and having a ball at the same time.

lee nesbitt2-4

Lee is now one of these mentors. He judges at national competitions and two hours every week is dedicated to training staff in the Darby Street Salon, Nesbitt.

lee nesbitt-18

“I love this place, I love this job. I could easily work seven days a week and love every moment of it,” Lee tells us.

lee nesbitt

After running many other salons, Nesbitt was opened in 2008.

A business Lee opened with wife and fellow local hairdresser Mikhali.

They have nurtured the growing business into a beautiful success story.

Awards, staff that are more like family and returning clients – both local and international.

“We have a client who moved to Europe. She always books in when she visits Newcastle each year.”

Nesbitt values it’s clients business, their experience and their health. That also goes for his staff – which is why Lee insists on organic products in stores and flexible rosters for staff to ensure everyone is cared for.

lee nesbitt2-2

While the boutique Darby Street salon may be their baby, the growing business of Chops Hair Bar has been an exciting new venture for the pair.

Pop-up hair bars – convenient no appointment salons with quality and spunk. And a free cappuccino: winning!

lee nesbitt-15

Villager’s Ben Tindall and Lee are lifelong friends, growing up locally and sharing the journey together.

“Lee would cut hair at parties when we were young, hair flying everywhere!” Ben reveals.

lee nesbitt-16

From boutique Salons to boutique Real Estate, Ben and Lee both create success through their passion for their work, while having a lot of fun. Now owning businesses across the road from each other in Darby street, there is more fun than ever.

lee nesbitt-13

When not in the salon – or judging competitions interstate – Lee has a hobby farm in the Hunter Valley to retreat to.

“I like to get out on the tractor,” he tells us that he enjoys the wide open space and fresh air, “but I’m always eager to get back into the salon.”

lee nesbitt-17

With two small children to share their life with, Lee and Mikhali enjoy a work-life blend between the salons, family time and their hobby farm.

Their children are being raised in an environment where their parents are doing what they love and loving what they do.

Recently Lee’s daughter mused,  “I wonder where I will work when I am grown up?”

His advice, “Don’t work.

You find something you love to do and create a life around that passion.”

lee nesbitt-13

Find Lee at Nesbitt and Ben at Villager


Bonta Vera

Passion has certainly been a recipe for success at Bonta Vera.

The story in this blog is told from these steps.

The story also started from these steps.

But in no way does the story end here.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-29

John Baker grew up living in the Old Courthouse at Minmi. The Courthouse, which was converted into a fine dining restaurant, was always a bustle of wedding receptions, wait staff and a busy chef.

John would sit on these steps as a child, watching his family, the staff and the chef create dishes and memories for their guests.

“I was a schnitzel and chips kid,” John admits.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-15

“But the chef would sneak me bits of fancy dishes, a bit of chocolate desert here and there.”

Unbeknownst to John, the lessons learned from watching the kitchen run like clockwork for all those years would be invaluable to his future own establishment.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-20

“I love lasagne, burgers – all that naughty food.”

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-17

But 5 years ago, after watching the documentary Earthlings, John made the decision to begin a vegan lifestyle. The transition from burgers to veganism was difficult, because there were just no commercial alternatives available.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-16

But then, John started experimenting. And just like second nature he began creating some of the most incredible meals and deserts available in Newcastle for plant based diets.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-3

Not only did his pallet expand but so did his repertoire. There isn’t much he can’t make taste amazing.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-18

Soon, after success with his dishes in local cafes and catering events, John made the decision to open his own cafe.

Enter, Bonta Vera.
Newcastle’s first Vegan Cafe.

Located in John’s childhood home – The Old Courthouse.

40 Church Street, Minmi.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-39

John now runs his own kitchen – the very one he used to sit in as a child. But now he is the one creating the magic in the kitchen and serving clients a special meal that makes a difference.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-14

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-11

The signature dish at Bonta Vera, apart from the incredible cakes, is the triple cheeseburger.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-19

Watching John create the cheeseburger with the detail of an artist is something to behold.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-22

And the taste?

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-26

Beyond amazing!

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-31

The success has been phenomenal and the cafe wonderfully received.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-40
Bonta Vera Herb Garden – Plant to plate!

“The community, our clients: everyone really, it has been amazing,” John tells us, “I just want people to know that you can go from eating beef lasagne to vegan lasagne and there really IS no transition period to worry about.”
With 4 staff and plans to expand with more cafes in the Newcastle CBD and retail products, John is one busy guy.

“I love to cook and I love the food I cook. Simple as that.”

Passion has certainly been a recipe for success at Bonta Vera.

EARTHLY Bonte Vera John Baker Blog Media Size-30

The future is very exciting for John, Bonta Vera and Newcastle’s food loving community.

To talk more about the Newcastle Community, get in touch with one of our Villagers at Villager Property.

A Culture to Create In…

“There are no guarantees – with art, life, business – none. But that consistently pushes me to get to the next step”


It’s no secret that Newcastle is a hyper-creative community: take a walk around our own Darby Street from our eagle’s nest at the Newcastle Art Gallery to the public art installations along the street (including the giant headphone sculpture), all the way to the Community Garden across the road from Villager Property A scene full of painting and design.

Villager caught up with local artist Jess Kellar to talk all things Newcastle art scene.

jk art april 2015_-30.jpg

Jess runs Jess Kellar Art from studio  754 in Hunter Street. A large warehouse where a community of Newcastle creatives can each work their respective magic.

“The best thing about our studio,” says Jess, “is the view from the rooftop, where I am most of the time, working on my latest projects.”


Local girl Jess has always had a passion for creating and feels lucky to be a Novocastrian where such a passion could be nurtured.

EARTHLY IMAGES JESS RELAY FOR LIFE 15_-11jk art april 2015_-29

She has had shows at Cooks Hill Gallery, exhibited at Lane Cove Gallery, The Royal, Muswellbrook Art Prize and recently performed and collaborated with Hannah Bertram at Newcastle Art Gallery for the 2016 Dust Project.


“Newcastle is a vibrant community for artists,” Jess tells us. “There are a lot of creatives here: from musicians to designers, architects and artists. We are all in a very supportive and understanding space where we all just give it a go.”

Through writing for the Newcastle Herald, Jess has been able to work closely with many musicians in Newcastle. She is also the resident “live artist” for Groovin’ The Moo.

jk art april 2015_-50

Jess has worked with Arts Health for MS patients holding workshops and has also branched into “bio-art”, spending time with scientists at HMRI and producing collections from this experience which hung in the hallways of John Hunter Hospital.

JKArt Jan 16-54DSC_8826

Jess’s style is high energy. When painting she uses strong rich colour and high contrast. In her sketches of Newcastle, the deep charcoals contrast with pure whites.

“Neutral isn’t my specialty,” she laughs.

jk art april 2015_-49jk art april 2015_-52

While already quite accomplished, Jess is finishing her Bachelor of Fine Art at Newcastle University and was recently the recipient of the 2016 William Fletcher Foundation Scholarship.

And in the true spirit of a Villager in our community she pays this forward by mentoring High School students in many of Newcastle’s public schools.

jk art april 2015_-39

“There are no guarantees with art, life, business. None. But that consistently pushes me to get to the next step.”

jk art april 2015_-34

The next step for Jess, working from her studio at 754, is to follow her passion in sketching and interpreting the city of Newcastle. The Rooftop Series is a timely project for the city and we are super excited to see the completed works.

jk art april 2015_-51

JKArt Jan 16-55

To learn more about living in the creative community of Newcastle – contact Villager Property




Little Cravings

Eric feels Carrington is a destination. Just outside the city – its edgy – in more ways than one.

As you wander down Young Street in Carrington, the funky sounds and irresistible smells coming from the colourful restaurant at Antojitos almost levitate your body and carry you over to the menu. Homemade tortillas and salsa, tasty simple food.

Eric Flores had always thought about starting his own business, and he knew it would somehow involve food.

With a background in commercial real estate, he has helped numerous others begin their own journey as business owners, and his own is now flourishing.
Eric grew up in California where he was emerged in Mexican street food culture. Mexican food is simple food. It’s not fancy, just good.
It was at the California Polytechnic State University where Eric met Newcastle girl, Kristy.
Kristy had moved to California on a Basketball scholarship. She would soon become his wife.
The pair came back to Australia and have since made Newcastle their home, with their growing family in tow.
Its here that the dream of owning their own establishment has become a reality – With Antojitos.
Antojitos literally means “little cravings” and is Mexican slang for street food.
Why Carrington?
Eric feels Carrington is a destination. Just outside the city – its edgy – in more ways than one.
Antojitos clients always so they feel so relaxed, and thats what Eric wants here.

A simple, casual , non-pretentious vibe and its this atmosphere struck a chord with the locals.

There is a place for cafes here in Newcastle and surrounds to stretch the boundaries.

But the all important Question for the Villagers was this; how do we pronounce it?!

Eric laughs “An-To-He-Toes”
However you want to pronounce it, this funky little place in Young street is a wonderful addition to the Carrinton landscape.
Eric thanks the community which has been so supportive, The locals really want to see people succeed here.
And just a hot tip… next time your in town – do yourself a favour and order the Mexican Hot Chocolate.  DELICIOSO!