Raising the Village

Happy Mothers Day Villagers.
Happy Mothers Day Newcastle.
You are doing a wonderful job!

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There are billions of Mums in the world, every one of them different. 

In fact, Mums represent the variety in life,

Giving birth to new life. 

Then nourishing their children with love.

Most of our staff are mothers (and fathers, too) and in the presence of any child there is a constant element of parental eyes scanning the horizon for equal part hazard and opportunity for fun!

We believe that Newcastle is a fortunate and magnificent place to raise a family.

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They say “It takes a village to raise a child”

Now most of us are familiar with this quote and its implications – but what does it mean in our modern society with ever changing social constructs and constantly evolving views of motherhood and parenting?

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In Newcastle we are fortunate to be surrounded by a community that offers limitless community involvement from sports clubs, swimming and surf orientated activities, world class parks and recreation facilities, beautiful beaches, national parks to explore and constant vibrancy in the cultural and social realm.


The vibe of the Newcastle Villager is that of a friendly disposition; supporting the personal and professional growth of us all.

Kind strangers, innovative social movements, energetic cultural construction.


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The town is rich in heritage, a beautiful tale to tell… and the future of Newcastle and its villages continues to get brighter and brighter.

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The wider community, the friends at school, the neighbourhood, your family and your friends;
The Villagers. 
The land, the homes, the businesses, the real estate, the location;
The Village. 


These are the elements that come together to help raise the future of Newcastle.
And we just happen to think that is pretty awesome!


Happy Mothers Day Villagers.
Happy Mothers Day Newcastle.

You are doing a wonderful job!

The Gentle Monk

“Lack of flexibility will age you rapidly” says Bob. “It is not age that causes lack of movement, it is the lack of moving that causes the inability to move.”

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As the sun creeps over the horizon on Saturday mornings, Bob and the Villagers are stretching their limbs and calibrating their bodies.

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With the assistance of Stretch Therapist Bob,
Postures are being corrected…

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and hips are being centred.

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After a session of stretching, the whole body feels light and open.

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The benefits and endorphins are present right from the start.

Much like Bob, really.
An open and gentle monk; instantly likeable.

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Bob had been running a Gym, PT sessions and group fitness classes for many years before he encountered Stretch Therapy in the 90s. But as soon as he saw and participated in a session, he knew this was the path he was meant to take.

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Ben met bob as a teenager, when he went to work in Bob’s Gym. They have remained close friends for over 15 years now.

But Bob’s proximity to Newcastle hasn’t remained close for all those years – his passion for balance and harmony lead him to Cambodia where he lived in Siem Reap.

4 years ago he was ordained as a Monk, in a very special ceremony in Angkor Wat.
There, in contrast to Cooks Hill, mornings in Cambodia consisted of a 4am start; meditation in the ancient temple; followed by a day of peaceful reflection and one simple meal.

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“Lack of flexibility will age you rapidly” says Bob. “It is not age that causes lack of movement, it is the lack of moving that causes the inability to move.”

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Bob’s exhortation is to take it slowly, balance the number of exercises, stop when you’ve had enough. Stretching is about you not the exercises.

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The difference between yoga and stretch therapy is that stretch therapy always has an anchor point – a partner or fixture – an axis for balance.

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Bob insists we should all follow his one rule of investment in our bodies:

“Move every joint,

in every way,

every day.”

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Bob; One of life’s exceptional people.

The Real Skills…

Friendly , caring management and attention to detail in one beautiful package…

Alissa brings invaluable skills to Villager Property from her previous roles in the finance industry and as a personal assistant. Experience that transfers perfectly to real estate.

Alissa Orange Wall_.jpg

However, the Villager Team realise where Alissa’s most valuable skills come from.

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Alissa is mother to two gorgeous little girls, Grace and Evie.

And what has this to do with her work skills?

Well, the demands of motherhood bring about special qualities in a woman.

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Multi-tasking is probably the most transferable.

But what about:

People skills.

Time management.


Conflict management.


Health and safety expertise.


Wardrobe assistance.

Interior decorating.

Event management.

Life education.


alissa com garden

And a dash of fun. 

Alissa house_

All in one beautiful package.


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An exceptionally valuable Villager!

The Pulse

A perfect lifestyle balance taking you from workday to weekend:
the harmony of the King Street heartbeat.


A salty breeze blew in the air as the fading light of a beautiful Autumn day in Newcastle bounced off these historic King Street buildings.


Illuminating the beautiful brick and sandstone of 8 King Street, a solid structure in the centre of the CBD.


Positioned at the beginning of King Street, the artery of Newcastle.

The historic Eastside Apartments sit proudly among modern structures, glowing in their rich heritage.


As I entered the private courtyard, I was awed by the feeling of antiquity that abounds; perfectly juxtaposed with a myriad of accents, as the flow of community and culture passed by the street.


This home in the heart of Newcastle East is beating to the rhythm of rich, cultural energy.

Sunlight and a sea breeze take you from the exclusive private courtyard into the bright open plan living area.


This is where relaxed outdoor courtyard lifestyle blends with homely comforts in the lounge and dining area.


High ceilings and windows light this two bedroom, two bathroom heritage property that balances perfectly with modern styling.

An interior and location that is both beachy and urban in one.

The master bedroom with its large walk in closet and ensuite, benefits from courtyard light streaming into the room…


… falling lightly onto the linen.



Two convenient bathrooms with large shower and storage are adjoined to both bedrooms.

The second bedroom is the perfect extra room or could be utilised as a office or library for those that only require one bedroom.


With double French doors opening to the lounge room, private bathroom and plenty of storage, the options are many.


The laundry and linen are neatly designed into the hallway leading from the dining room to the kitchen.

In a city apartment this full sized kitchen is a pleasant surprise, perfect for the entertainer or masterchef.


Dining in style inside or outside.


To the rear of the property the car space is accessed via the secure entry.

This sophisticated executive address not only offers the vibrancy of CBD living…


… but is located just footsteps from the world class Newcastle Beach.


A perfect lifestyle balance taking you from workday to weekend:
the harmony of the King Street heartbeat.


To find out more about 8 King Street contact Ben Tindall at Villager Property 

Warners Welcome

In 1839 Jonathan Warner, a retired Army Leitenant, was granted 1280 acres of land – now Warners Bay. There he established an orange grove, a coal business and was also the Police Magistrate for Brisbane Water – meaning weekly Horseback rides to Gosford and boat rides to Newcastle.

warners bay sunrays.jpg

Now the easy 15km drive to Newcastle takes about 10 mins, and never in Lt Warners dreams might he have imagined that the location would become a vibrant, bustling CBD.

Cafes and restaurants with alfresco dining, shopping centres, an  industrial estate, ice rink, a ten pin bowling alley, a laser tag complex, indoor go karting, multiple gymnasiums and hotels and clubs.

In lieu of farming, lakeside and water based activities make up the recreational lifestyle at Warners Bay. Picnics, sailing, skiing and kayaking. An easy grade path runs through spectacular scenery from the Lake Macquarie Regional Art Gallery in Booragul to Green Point Reserve.

EARTHLYIMAGES lake sunset oct 15.jpg

Warners bay offers lifestyle, in one of Lake Macquarie’s prime locations. Sunsets on the lake, strolling the esplanade, vogue shops and al fresco dining, all complimented by established shopping centres and growing industry surrounds – truly a vibrant and engaged community.

78 Hillview Wbay-41
Villager Property recently listed a home that is designed to encompass the vibe of this community within its walls – open, welcoming, sun loving and relaxed – yet contemporary, modern and comfortable.

78 Bayview Street.

Manicured gardens, a gentle lake breeze, a bright yellow door and a quaint garden path that leads you to the sign that reads, “Welcome”. Though it needn’t – because you already feel it.
78 Hillview Wbay-49
This is a home where a family can enjoy the lifestyle on offer, in gorgeous style…

Through the welcoming front porch..

you enter the home to find three bedrooms, the main with walk in robe and ensuite.
Offering all the convenience of a new style layout yet all the charm and character of a cottage.

The Rear of this property, with its open living, dining and kitchen, connected the outdoor atmosphere with the indoor through large windows and entertaining deck.

Its easy to feel at home here.

78 Hillview Wbay-33

And to be ignited by the bright charm of this immaculately presented property.


Out beyond the deck, you will look upon your own little lake – a decked in swimming pool.

78 Hillview Wbay-43

A backyard where summers may seem endless, and fun begins.

To connect with Villager, and to inspect this lifestyle property – click here

Happier for the experience…

Be yourself. Be honest. Try to leave everyone happier for the experience.

Rod had wanted to be in real estate from the age of fourteen, but life had other plans for Rod first.

carrington morning_-24

He started in the family construction business, which lead to his passion for construction and property.

Chasing his dreams, Rod moved to the big smoke, like everyone did.  The plan was to work hard and save for the Australian dream; “the first home” purchase. After four years of civil and commercial construction, Rod returned home.

It wasn’t long before he was running his own business.

The business flourished, from homes on the Merewether strip, to major nationally funded infrastructure projects.  During this time, Rod gained invaluable experience in winning contracts with multi national companies, but best of all building long term relationships with staff and clients.

All this time Rod had been building up a property portfolio. And around ten years ago he enlisted Ben to act for him at an auction.

Rod was standing between his wife, Kim, and Ben. They all became excited as the auction neared the end…

And the house was theirs!

They all reacted with joy, Kim especially, as she pushed Rod out of the way and grabbed Ben, hugging and kissing him!

Not quite what Rod had been expecting.

But this was also to be the start of a firm friendship between Rod and Ben.
Agents Pics in office March 2016-20

With the setting up of Villager Property, Rod finally achieved his dream of becoming a real estate agent.

With his wide-ranging experience in business and the building industry, Rod brought exceptional skills to Villager:

  • unique insights into building and development nationwide.
  • contacts nationwide within the building/housing industry.
  • outstanding negotiation and people skills.
  • experience in managing a workforce.
  • a strong work ethic.
  • reliability, honesty, and an easygoing nature.

It seems Rod was always destined to be a Villager.

His motto says it all:

“Be yourself. Be honest. Try to leave everyone happier for the experience”.
stairs tryptich
To connect with Rod and Villager, Click here

Knock Knock…

He’s a Villager, so he’s a bit different.

His background is very interesting indeed.

Who’s there?


carrington morning_-19.jpg

Only met him briefly,

So don’t know much about him.

Or do I?

Let’s see.

Agents Pics in office March 2016-16

The people at Villager are all people persons.

They are very enthusiastic about their work.

They always put their clients first, working with them, not for them.

They are all keen to go the extra mile.

They show absolute respect for their clients.

They are positive, interesting people.

They tailor their support according to the individual needs and interests of each client.

If Rod is a Villager, he must have all those qualities.
carrington morning_-24


He’s a Director.

Must be good!

carrington morning_-20


We know the important things about Rod as a Villager.

And I now know much more about Rod after a chat with him.

He’s a Villager, so he’s a bit different.

His background is very interesting indeed,

As would be expected of a Villager.

carrington morning_-3

Want the good oil?

Watch out for the next instalment!

carrington morning_-14To connect with Rod, and Villager Property, Click here